What is Akhal-Teke UK?

Akhal-Teke UK Ltd is a Breed Registration and Information Service for Akhal-Teke horses outside Russian Federation and Central Asia. It is run by a two-person team: Darya Hannigan and Maria Marquise Baverstock. We are both Akhal-Teke owners, with a fair amount of experience of training, competing and caring for our own horses. 

We assist owners and breeders with the registration of their horses into the General Studbook managed by the All-Russia Institute of Horse Breeding and help them obtain EU-compliant passports. We also help non-UK owners, both from within and outside the EU. We can advise on most aspects of Akhal-Teke management, care and training and will put prospective buyers in touch with sellers. Our service is completely free. 


What we are not...

Akhal-Teke UK is not a Breed Society. We are not a membership organisation and do not collect membership fees.

When we first set up Akhal-Teke UK back in 2008, Akhal-Teke Society of Great Britain still existed but was in decline. We had no intention of creating a rival organisation but wanted to fill the gap in providing help with registration, as many British-born Akhal-Teke horses were unregistered at that time. Using our Russian language skills and background, we wanted to help owners liaise with the Studbook authorities in Russia and integrate the relatively small numbers of UK horses with the global Akhal-Teke population.