What we did in 2007

What we did in 2007


We did not just spend the whole year buried under the piles of VNIIK paperwork, though at times it almost felt like it…

In May - we staged a 3-day Breed Exhibition  at the Devon County Show with Darya’s stallion Dominik as our one and only exhibit, after Mualim tried to join in the Shire Ploughing demonstration and had to be escorted out of the grounds. They invited us again in 2008 when we are hoping to present more horses with the help from the same excellent commentator Peter Clarke. 











In July -Darya made a valiant attempt to brave the rain at the Royal Show while Maria provided moral support from sunny Bangalore in Southern India. 

 In September - Mualim spent a week in Aylesbury learning social skills. Being surrounded by Suffolk Punch mares felt almost as good as Devon County! Mualim acted as the perfect guinea-pig for the valuable lesson on stallion handling we received from Darren Blanchard of Pferde Stud, Buckinghamshire


In October - Darya’s mare Oinam gave birth to a strong, spirited filly-foal with her sire’s sweet disposition and facial expression, and the splendid movements of her dam. By this time, Mualim has learned to hack out with other horses, including his now-best-friend 12,2hh Dartmoor pony mare Bracken.


 In November - Dominik spent four days in Devon, where he continued flatwork lessons with classical dressage trainer and a pupil of David Hunt, Marylin Chaney, and had a successful session with show-jumping trainer Lydia Lucas, a pupil of Lars Sederholm and Yogi Breisner (http://www.saxonequestrian.com/index.html). 

By then, Mualim has mostly-mastered leg-yield and turn-on-the-forehand. His workability in the school is most remarkable for a four-year-old Teke.

November was a fruitful month for the Akhal-Teke population in the UK: Nigel Baverstock imported a Swedish-born purebred mare Mushmula (by Djasman) while the well-known British International Endurance Team rider Jill Thomas has become the owner of two purebred Akhal-Teke: purebred colt Salimrashid (Shayol-Sinekchi) from Akhalt-Service in Russia and purebred filly Guldjady (Ak Sakal-Gulchetai) from the Netherlands.